Hanani Sushi

Hanani Sushi

Every year, in early spring, one of the most anticipated events in Japan takes place: the blossoming of the cherry trees. The Hanami Festival (Hana, Japanese flower and mi, verb ver) is one of the most important festivals in Japan, in which, in the shade of the Sakura (name of the cherry tree), the Japanese gather together with friends and family, eat sushi and celebrate life. Japanese society, the Sakura, represents human life, as the flowers disappear completely after two weeks.

 Hanami Sushi, is a project born to offer our customers traditional Japanese fusion food with different flavors and trends characteristic of the tropics and other countries, with high levels of quality, accessible and quickly, oriented to the new trends of society modern, seeking innovation and enjoying good food in the company of family and friends.


Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 23:00


Floor 2

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