Bifanas de Vendas Novas - A Casa Original

Bifanas de Vendas Novas - A Casa Original

as sons of Vendas Novas we always had the idea of ​​bringing the Bifanas Concept outside the borders of the Alentejo. It is true that Bifanas are the hallmarks of Vendas Novas, but it is also true that Soups, Pies and Homemade Desserts are not far behind. So we took all this and went to the Capital.

And it is because we have all these homemade and traditional products that we are "Casa Original"! Only in our stores can you taste, for example:a tasty Sericaia with Plums of Elvas (really!).

So you know, when you see our Insignia "Casa Original" you can trust...


Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 23:00


Floor 2

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