Ana Sousa

Ana Sousa

Created in 1992, the ANA SOUSA brand was born from the visionary ideology of two serious founders, who will create a women's clothing brand with a different style.

The ANA SOUSA brand bases its activity on a vanguard vision, not fashion design, always with innovation, comfort and originality, this being the creative and inspiring name of the ANA SOUSA branding strategy. Its conduct goes beyond the values ​​of innovation / creativity, quality in production, personalized service, providing greater proximity to customers and originality of the models presented.

The Ana Sousa dress is a symbol of affirmation, elegance, timelessness, charm and sobriety, representing an independent woman, free from stereotypes, cosmopolitan, who leads or is her own path with personality.


Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 24:00


Floor 1

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