Rua Sérgio Malpique n.º 2
2810 - 500 Almada


+351 212 509 900 / +351 212 509 911

Useful Informations

Public Transportation

There are 9 bus routes that serve Almada Forum:
102 Almada Forum - Cacilhas (By Quinta do Chegadinho)
103 Almada - Almada Forum
104 Cacilhas - Almada Forum
133 Cacilhas - Lazarim (By Alto do Índio)
151 Charneca da Caparica - Lisboa (Marquês de Pombal)
159 Marisol (By Alcântara) - Lisboa (Praça de Espanha)
167 Costa de Caparica - Almada Forum
197 Pragal (Hospital) - Sobreda (Quinta da Morgadinha)
198 Paio Pires - Torre Caparica

The bus stop are located at the entry of the 1st Floor of Almada Forum, near the Pharmacy. With the exception of bus 197, whose stop bus is located behind the Center and the bus 133, whose stop bus is located near the gas station.

Useful Numbers

Information Desk:
212 509 900
Garcia de Orta Hospital:
212 940 294
Fire Department:
212 722 520
800 205 146
212 947 070
707 127 127 / 211 066 300
210 427 000
Tourism Services:
212 724 700
Tourism Services of Costa de Caparica:
212 900 071
Tourism Region of Costa Azul:
265 539 120


About the Shopping Center

The Almada Forum is located on the peninsula of Setúbal, in Almada where the highway A2 intersects with highway of Costa da Caparica. After 2 km you will find Pragal's interface.
With a gross lettable area of 78,815 m2, is composed by 230 shops including 11 anchor stores, and a hypermarket, three floors distributed by the Centre and by an Outdoor Commercial Park.
The "Food-Court" with 1,200 seats and an outdoor terrace area, are part of the area of the Restoration, with 40 restaurants. 14 rooms of cinema make up the recreation area.
Guests have at their disposal two outdoor parking and a covered park, where they can park for free, with 5,050 seats.
At the main entrance, we have the Community Square with sweeping views over the River Tagus, the "25 de Abril" Bridge and the statue of "Cristo Rei" and a sitting area with coffee. This area is characterized by its breadth and abundant natural light that make it a sort of a winter garden.
Two squares with innovative decoration themes are other original proposals of the Centre. The Square of Nature has natural plants and a waterfall under a grand glass dome. At the Technology Square, as its name indicates, the theme is technology and science. With less daylight and more geared to young and urban audiences, has its high point in the show of lasers and holograms.
An ancient fishing village recalling the old times of "Almada Ribeirinha" and the beaches of nearby Costa da Caparica inspired the area of the Restoration.
Its outstanding architecture gave it the MIPIM Award 2003, which classifies this Center as the best shopping center in Europe, distinguishing it as the most outstanding real estate project of the year. He also received an Honorable Mention in 2003 ICSC, in the category of Best Shopping Mall in Europe with large dimension. The Honorable Mention was awarded in the most important International Fair of Real Estate. In 2004 he received the ISCS International Design and Development Award, Best Shopping Center of the World, Class Development and Design. Currently received the Environmental Certification ISO 14001.


Whith its special theme-based halls, Comunity Square, Nature Saquare and Education Square, Almada Forum is a mix of art with leisure and the pleasure of choosing the best that life has to offer.
Through the permanent exhibition of art works, Almada Forum evokes art as a cultural, universal, modern and multifaced experience. It aims to complete and value the Centre's architecture by exhibiting works of rare beauty and greatness. From Carlá's and Gigante's Mermaids, going through Willem Rutgers's monumental paintings to the works of national artists like Vasco Filipe, Joana Vasconcelos, Cristina Valadas e Petisca, all this contributes to value and enrich your visit.


With a prime location and diversified offer, besides the considerable area of deployment, Almada Forum has among its priorities, the pursuit of a positive environmental performance by controlling the impact caused by its activities, products and services in the Environment.
After having, in 2006, received the Certification of its Environmental Management System in accordance with standard NP EN ISO 14001:2004, Almada Forum manages to achieve , in 2010 and renewed in 2011, an excellent environmental level with the Certification EMAS. This Certification represents the Excellence, Performance, Credibility and Transparency of our Management, being Almada Forum the first Shopping Centre in the world to achieve this Certification.
Once again Multi Portugal complied with the requirements established under the maintenance of EMAS in the management of Almada Forum Shopping Centre.
The 2016 Environmental Statement, after validation by APA - Portuguese Environment Agency, is now published, attesting once again, the credibility and excellence of the environmental management system.
Download here the Almada Forum 2016 Environmental Statement.
You can also consult the Almada Forum Environmental Statement for the year 2015 here.




Where are the Public phones?
Public phones are next to the all atriums of the Bathrooms in the Community Square and along the lateral panoramic elevators in all levels of the Centre.
Where are the ATM terminals?
The ATM terminals are along the levels 0, 1 and 2. In Level 0, next to Education square, there is a terminal of Caixa Geral de Depósitos in the Central Corridor with the square of Education and two terminals in the Hall of Hiperrmarket, near to the Happy Pets Store and the other at Millennium BCP. At first floor there are two terminals in the Central Corridor with the Education Square, another terminal in the Nature Square next to Pharmacy and one in Community Square. At Level 2 there are two terminals, one in Community Square and another in the Nature Square.
Where are the Bathrooms?
You have at your disposal five sets of Bathrooms in the three floors of the Almada Forum in each of the ends of Floors 0 and 1 and one set on the 2nd Floor. Each set is composed of mens toilet, ladies toilet, Family toilet, disable toilet and diaper changing room.
Where are the lost and found?
The lost and found items are at the Information Desk at the Community Square, level 0.
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